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The enlightenup podcast

Feb 7, 2019

086: Beheading the Global Snake, Cryptocurrency & Akashic Records Link to the  Internet with Christian Escobedo

We have a very intriguing show lined up for you today as we welcome a member of Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Revolution Tour, Christian Escobedo to the conversation. Christian brings his unique expertise to the Quantum Revolution Community, Tour Stage, and Quantum Coaching Programs. As a thought leader in the Global Freedom Movement, Christian strongly believes your creativity only extends as far as your ability to communicate. Christian has been coaching in the areas of success, psychology, and communication privately and in group settings for the past 5 years. As producer of the Vin Armani show, Christian expresses the ultimate way to leverage communication through technology. This coming March, 2019 at the Quantum Revolution Tour, in Las Vegas, Christian will be speaking about the technologies people can harness to find the freedom they desire and deserve. We dived right into the conversation and discussed the following topics:

  • Technology & Spirituality
  • The 3 phases of consciousness
  • How the Matrix is broken
  • The internet & its connection to awakening & the akashic record
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Our corrupt monetary system
  • Experiencing duality
  • Facing the darkest parts of ourselves

All of this and more in episode 087!

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